Helping Canadians Protect Their Families & Home

Helping Canadians Protect Their Families & Home

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Planning a home reno now that the weather is warmer? You need to know these Home Protection Plan and Home and Car Insurance tips.

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Buying a home not only requires a serious financial commitment upfront, but homeowners will also have to spend money on future repairs and upgrades. Unanticipated repairs can be costly, and it can be overwhelming to find a trusted technician to do the work at a fair cost. Care For My Home 360 is a home service plan that can help alleviate some of the financial burden and stress.

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Home insurance in Ontario protects your physical home and your belongings inside it from damage while providing financial protection in case you’re ever held liable for someone else’s injury in your home or on your property.

Just about everyone in Ontario, really. While not legally required (like auto insurance), home insurance goes a long way toward protecting you from legal liability costs and damage to your property—which includes the building itself and what you own inside of it. Even renters should have policies for contents and liability insurance.

Definitely. Renters (or tenants) in Ontario can get by with just liability and contents coverage on their policies, while home owners should also insure the building itself. Homeowners can get additional coverage, too, such as extra protection against water damage.

Yes. Renovations change the construction materials and layout of your home, which changes the levels of risk associated with it. Informing your insurance provider keeps your home insured for the proper amount. You might even see lowered rates due to safer or sturdier materials!

Dogs and cats aren’t usually considered mandatory if your furry friend joined you after buying your policy, but you should definitely let your insurance provider know if you’ve bought an exotic pet or an aggressive dog breed. Pet owners are legally responsible for their pets’ actions, making pet liability insurance a good idea in general.

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